The Shire Hall is a multi-functional building used for community hires such as parties, wedding receptions and fund-raising events. It is also used as an arts centre with live music, theatre, comedy and cinema.

Support Us

We pride ourselves on having run a tight ship over the years, working hard to manage hall rental, events, funding applications and generous donations to enable us to employ 3 part-time members of staff and keep on top of building maintenance and improvements.

However, being closed during 2020 has knocked the wind out of our sails!

2022 will mark 75 years since the building was gifted by benefactor Charles Briggs to the people of Howden. With your help and continued support we aim to return stronger and more resilient when we can finally reopen our doors next year.

We need your help to support us in sustaining the thriving Venue you’ve come to know and love.

You’ve asked us what you can do to help the Shire Hall Charitable Trust (reg 224206) to overcome these challenges.

Make a Donation

Howden Shire Hall Trust is a registered charity (no. 224206) and as such relies on the kind support of its patrons. If you'd like to add a small donation to your ticket price please add this by selecting one of the amounts below. Many thanks for your support!

Donate £1.00
Donate £2.50
Donate £5.00
Donate £10.00
Donate £50.00
Donate £100.00

The great news is that there are several ways you can contribute:

  1. Make a donation to the charity (reg 224206) via the Donation link on our website
  2. Become a 500 Club member – for a monthly £1 fee you enter a lottery with the chance to win up to £50 each month. Why not buy an annual membership as a gift for a loved one, staff or colleague? Just email us at for more info.
  3. Register as a volunteer at the hall. Our ‘Friends of the Shire Hall’ are our versatile band of helpers who we call upon for all kind of support when required. Volunteers help us in so many wonderful ways: from front of house duties at events, serving at our community café, advocating for us at local and regional events or with much needed re-decorating and building maintenance. If you’d like to get involved and donate some of your time, please email
  4. Spread the word! Share the link to our website and Facebook page so we can get our message out to as many people as possible.