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The Shire Hall is a multi-functional building used for community hires such as parties, wedding receptions and fund-raising events. It is also used as an arts centre with live music, theatre, comedy and cinema.

Headsticks - presented by Howden Live

Formed in 2012 Headsticks have created their very own brand of Revolutionary Punk Roots Rock’n’Roll through relentless gigging which has seen their profile continually on the rise, backed by an ever increasing army of loyal and fanatical followers. Despite the current wave of uncertainty within the music industry the band have continued to
shine, and are delighted to join the fold of the iconic label that is Chapter 22 Records!

2019’s tour supports with New Model Army saw the band reach new levels, and this together with supports with bands as varied as The Wildhearts, Lindisfarne, Spear Of Destiny, Ferocious Dog, and Buzzcocks has underlined the band’s ability to cross genres and appeal to audiences with their enthusiasm and passion infused performances built on their
very own message of honesty and integrity, delivering raw social commentaries with a wry sense of humour ensuring an uplifting experience second to none! The release of their third studio album in 2019 was greeted with simply stunning reviews from pillars of both the Punk Rock and Folk worlds, receiving plaudit after plaudit and considered ‘Album Of The Year’ by some publications!

This simply cementing further the band’s reputation for crowd pleasing, genre crossing, inspirational songs…many of
which are now indeed covered by artists from within their scene….the highest accolade for any artist surely?!

Fast becoming Festival favourites,2020 was to see Headsticks embark ontheir most comprehensive Festival Season, with performances at Beautiful Days and Rebellion (their fifth in a row there!) among an endless list of high
profile bookings…..unfortunately plans were cruelly cut short due to the current pandemic. Enthusiasm for live
performances has seen the band reach new audiences with their ‘Live Sessions’ broadcast through Social
Media, and wonderful receptions have ensured that the band’s fervour has not, and will not be dampened as
they continue to say it like it is!!! Headsticks look to flourish within their new Chapter 22 home, bolstered by a label sharing similar ethics, spirit, and motivation, and of course, a love for great songs! Expect further hard hitting, emotive, infectious anthems and barbed lyrics a plenty from their fourth studio album ‘C.O.W.’, a twelve-track collection of songs that matter, that mean what they say, a soundtrack for the now. The band are looking forward to sharing these songs, and unleashing what indeed is a ’Can Of Worms’.

Headsticks - presented by Howden Live

Sat 9th Oct 2021
8pm start, doors at 7.30pm
Adult (inc booking fee) £11.00

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  • Refreshments available. Fully licensed bar will open for events for over 18s only.
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