Given the relaxation of Covid restrictions, we're gradually re-opening here at Howden Shire Hall starting with some of our hosted groups and classes from 17th May.  See the classes section of our website for more information. 

The Shire Hall is a multi-functional building used for community hires such as parties, wedding receptions and fund-raising events. It is also used as an arts centre with live music, theatre, comedy and cinema.

Dracula The Panto!

Jonathan Harker lives in Whitby with his mother, who owns a hardware shop.  His girlfriend, Mina Gregg, is suspicious of her father, Ebenezer, a baker, who has returned from a trip to Transylvania, looking paler and shunning the sunlight. Joanthan is told that he has inherited a property in Transylvania together with a static caravan in Mablethorpe from a distant relative , Count Vlad Dracula.  Jonathan, Mina and his mother travel to Transylvania, unwittingly protected by Vanessa Helsing, his mother's friend, who is actually a vampire hunter.  They finally arrive at Dracula's castle, where Dracula and 3 vampires try to take advantage of them but are thwarted by Vanessa.  They are also duped into taking a coffin back to Whitby, believing it merely to hold Dracula's remains.  Dracula reveals himself and finally.......well, you'll just have to come and see, won't you?

Dracula The Panto!

Wednesday 19th January - Saturday 22nd January
Dracula the Panto, or fangs for the memory/it will be all bite on the night (cringe) is a fantastic new production from the Real Howden Panto and Theatre group, the team that that brought you The 3 Musketeers, Ali Baba, and the Wizard of Oz. All the usual panto fun with the Dame, the female boy, Santa, 'He's behind you', oh, no he isn't, oh yes he is etc. Singing, dancing, big band sound a great nights entertainment for everybody.
Adult £10.00
Child £5.00

Other Information

  • Refreshments available. Fully licensed bar will open for events for over 18s only.
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